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Live, Laugh and Learn is more than our business name, it’s a philosophy. It’s our way of life. It’s a mindset.

We’re a husband and wife team; we’re creative entrepreneurs. When our daughter was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum our life got turned upside down. A lot of things changed in our life.

I learned a lot, and it took a long, long time for me to let go of how things were supposed to be. What I learned from my daughter and husband was that every day didn’t have to be perfect. So, if we lived a little, laughed a little and learned a little more, it was a good day.

That journey led to the three pillars of our mission:


Be an active participant in every day. Create, work, play, and love like you own it. Be present and feel the feelings.


Find a reason to smile, and make someone else smile. There’s something to that saying “Laughter is the best medicine.”


Keep your mind active and learn something new every day. Information is at our fingertips, feed your curiosity!

Our mission is to encourage girls and women to be strong and confident in everyday life.

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