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Jeane Sumner

Small Business Marketing Expert

Jeane Sumner

Small Business Marketing Expert

How your Podcast can look good on your WordPress website and Boost your SEO

We’ve had a couple of questions this week about podcasts and how to make them look better on your website.

So, today I’m here with a quick overview of tools you can use to make your Podcast look nice on your WordPress website, and how you can use your Podcast to boost your organic SEO.

We’re going to start at SoundCloud – it’s a hosting service for audio. Once you have your SoundCloud account created, you need to create an RSS feed for your account.

SoundCloud Logo

Your RSS feed will allow you to connect your Podcast to iTunes.

Now, instead of using the SoundCloud embed code for your WordPress website, you want to use Smart Podcast Player. Just like iTunes, it connects to your SoundCloud RSS feed.

Smart Podcast Player gives you options for two different players you can customize to match the style of your website. a full player option and a single track player option.

Smart Podcast Player Styles

Samples of the Smart Podcast Player styles

At the beginning of our post, we talked about using your podcast to boost your organic SEO.


We recommend creating a new page on your site for each podcast or an episode page. Here’s where you would use the track player from Smart Podcast Player, under the player, write a summary of the podcast, or the transcript, and include links to resources mentioned in the podcast.

Why is this good for SEO?

  1. Google loves when you have fresh content and new pages on your website.
  2. Your audience and Google love links to relevant content.

This is a high-level overview of how to make your Podcast look good in WordPress and boost your SEO.

SoundCloud and Smart Podcast Player are paid services and very affordable. Both include plenty of how-to resources for integration.