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Jeane Sumner

Small Business Marketing Expert

Jeane Sumner

Small Business Marketing Expert

Top 10 Online Sales Copy Mistakes

Online sales copy mistakes can make or break your business. Writing sales copy is the process of creating persuasive content that makes your audience take action and buy. Sales copy is most often used on a sales page, in an ad, or on other marketing materials. Sales pages that contain mistakes are not likely to induce people to read your entire page or click on the buy button at the bottom. Raise your sales rate and reputation as well as avert the consequences of making these top 10 online sales copy mistakes.

Mistake #1: Focusing on Features Over Benefits

Many people get so focused on listing all the features of their product that they forget to tell their audience about the benefits. Customers don’t care about features unless they understand why it should matter to them.

Customers are far more interested in how the solution can benefit him or her than they are of the bells and whistles it provides. When listing out the features, always include the reason why it matters, how does it benefit the customer? Provide information that they can relate to and identify with. Link the problem with specific emotions to create a stronger inclination to purchase the item.

Mistake #2: Not Testing Different Types of Copy

Regardless of how good you are, or how good your copywriter is, you need to test different forms of copy. Conduct A/B testing of your sales copy to find what works best for your audience.

Some audiences prefer long sales copy. Others prefer short copy. Videos on the sales page or complete video sales copy are often preferred by millennials. Unless you test the different types, you won’t know which will generate the highest returns.

Mistake #3: Using the Wrong Layout

You want to build a beautiful sales page but what you think is beautiful is not necessarily what makes the most sales. In most cases, a single column sales page is much easier to read than one with columns of information.

Clean layouts designed to work regardless of platform are very important. Many potential customers use and shop using their mobile devices. They’re not going to switch to a PC just to buy your products.

Your website and sales pages need to work on any device. Don’t try to be too creative. Keep the format simple, yet attractive. Use website themes that are responsive and meet your needs.

Mistake #4: Using the Wrong Examples

Providing proof that your solution works through examples is a great way to improve sales. However, you must ensure that they are examples your target audience can identify with; that is specific for them. If they cannot identify with the example, they will become confused and take no action.

If your sales page is receiving a lot of traffic but few sales, there is a good possibility that the content and the examples don’t represent your audience’s experiences and therefore they cannot relate.

Mistake #5: Few Persuasive Writing Techniques

Creating sales copy requires you to learn new skills. The words you choose to tell your story or convey information are important. Each word can elicit feelings of joy, fear, loss, or desire. Writing effectively for your audience requires niche, topic, and audience research so that you know what emotions and words motivate readers to take action. You also want to understand how to build their trust enough to purchase from you. You can use a service like FunnelScripts to help you generate copy for your sales letters, videos, landing pages and more.

Mistake #6: Hiring the Wrong Kind of Writer

If you choose to outsource your sales copy, you need to hire the right writer for the job. Hiring a content writer to write sales copy will likely be a mistake. You need someone who knows what words, emotions, and mental images motivate your niche audience. That person will generally be a copywriter that specializes in your niche.

This is true in all areas of your business. You should hire a content writer that specializes in your niche’s content topics. If you need a video, find a video specialist in your niche. Always hire the right person for the job, based on their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Mistake #7: Using Unsuitable Selling Tools

Using inappropriate or ineffective selling tools is a big mistake. The problem is that you often don’t realize they aren’t right for you until you try them out. If you’ve been searching for selling tools with a good reputation, look at these.

There is a variety of selling-tools, which you can use. You’ll need to create sales pages, thank you pages, download pages, and more. You’ll also need to build a marketing list and send emails. Consider using these tools to see if they suit your needs.

Using practical selling tools that fit your needs will help improve your sales and keep everything running smoothly.

Mistake #8: Failing to Follow the Process

There’s a process to completing any job and copywriting is no exception. From concept to product launch, there are necessary steps to take to ensure your copy is the best it can be. Failing to follow this process can mean low to no sales.

Who you learned copywriting from will determine the process you use. A general process you can follow is research > organize > first draft > edit > get feedback > second draft > review > final draft. Following a process, whichever process you choose, will ensure your copy is the best you can make it.

Mistake #9: Misunderstanding Your Audience

This mistake is one of, if not the most disastrous mistakes that you can make. Many people don’t take the time to study their audience before trying to write a sales page for a product. The more you understand and can relate to the different segments of your audience, the better your sales page will perform. The reason is that you need to deeply understand their pain points and know exactly how your solution solves those pain points. You can’t do this without knowing the lifestyle, age, gender, and other demographics and characteristics of your target market. But most importantly, you need to know how they feel about things and what motivates them to take action.

Mistake #10: Not Understanding Your Product / Service

If you don’t understand your product, how are you going to explain it to potential customers?

Whether you write the copy yourself or hire a copywriter, you need to be able to describe it from your perspective and the customers’ perspective. You need to know the questions customers might ask. The selling points, the features and the benefits of the product.

This information doesn’t need a quick gloss over; it needs to be understood and explained in a way that your audience can understand and relate to.

These top 10 sales copy mistakes can be detrimental to your business. If you’ve made one or more of the mistakes, make plans to implement the needed changes. If you are just starting out, you now know how to avoid making these errors.